Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi Resist US Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Right Ruling!

It is no longere news that, the US supreme court ruled on Friday that 13 states that banned gay marriage did so unconstitutional, effectively legalizing gay marriage across the country, but Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant responded by saying that, the Supreme Court "usurped" each state's "authority to regulate marriage within their borders." Hence, he and other state leaders are considering various legal options, including halting all marriage licenses.
For starters county clerks in Texas will be able to turn away gay couples seeking marriage licenses, the state's attorney general Ken Paxton announced on Sunday. This and other moves are being considered to halt gay marriages n the resisting states.
Clerks can refuse based on religious objections, Paxton told the Austin American-Statesman, and because the clerks will probably be sued, "numerous lawyers stand ready to assist clerks defending their religious beliefs."
Even lawmakers of these affected states are trying to resist following the ruling by delaying its implementation.

Paxton railed against the ruling in an opinion, ordered by Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, who wanted to find a way to legally protect those who were against gay marriage.
"Friday, the United States Supreme Court again ignored the text and spirit of the Constitution to manufacture a right that simply does not exist. In so doing, the court weakened itself and weakened the rule of law, but did nothing to weaken our resolve to protect religious liberty and return to democratic self-government in the face of judicial activists attempting to tell us how to live,"
Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell says, that because the Supreme Court's ruling did not include an official order for states to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, there is not yet a legal requirement for officials to issue marriage licenses or perform marriages for same-sex couples in Louisiana." Parish and city clerks were instructed to hold off on issuing licenses for 25 days, the amount of time states are allowed to appeal the supreme court's ruling.

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