Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Argentine Freed By Kidnappers in Nigeria After Shouting "MESSI!!!"

Santiago Lopez Menendez a 28-year-old Agronomist with Flour Mills Nigeria was kidnappd on Wednesday after working on a agricultural project and traveling alone. But according to him sfter his release early Saturday morning, he has Lionel Messi to thank for his release, because according to him his captors thought he was an American and since they couldn' speak English they kept beating him, but immediately he started shouting the name of the four time "World Best Footballer", they stoppd beting him and negotiated for a ransom with the firm he works with which was paid for his release. He  is finally safe at the Argentine embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, On Sunday, Argentine newspaper Clarin reported Menendez's brother, who said Santiago wanted to thank Messi personally for saving him.

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