Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Burnaboy Responds to Buffalo Soulja's Gun Scare with His own Gun! How the Animosity Started? Read on...

On the 24th of January 2015, award winning Z|imbabwean dancehall star, Bufallo Soulja said Burnaboy approached him with his entourage at  paryt in South Africa and asked to have a word with him. And the Nigerian accused him of talking trash about him. Bufallo denied this, but Burna threatened to get violent but Bufallo left for thr VIP only for Burna to return HIGH and try to sucker punch him unsuccessfully, but not until his entourge had rough handled Bufallo soulja. The
Soulja left and returned with is own entourage to a club Burna was performing and waited outide. But Burna did not leave until he police arrived. Bufallo Soulja has vowed to not let go of he disrepect until he deals with Burnaboy.
Now with both acts brandishing guns... My hand is not there O!

Bufallo Soulja's gun post on social media
Burnaboy's gun post

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