Friday, 19 June 2015

Boko Haram Hideouts Bombed by Chad in Niger not Nigeria!

Contrary to popular news on international and local media, the Nigerian Defence Headquarters yesterday disputed the claim that Chadian military conducted air strikes against six terrorist camps in Nigeria. In the words of Major General Chris Olukolade, Director Defence Information, the Nigerian Airforce surveillance mission identified targets tagged as Camp 6 around Bosso town which is not within Nigeria’s territory and alerted the partners accordingly. He added that, the places reported to have been struck by the Chadians are, therefore, most likely to be in Niger Republic and not Nigeria, although the terms of the multilateral and bilateral understanding with partners in the war against terror allow some degree of hot pursuit against the terrorists, the territory of Nigeria has not been violated as insinuated in the reports circulated in some foreign media. The Nigerian military will continue to cooperate with partners in the mission to exterminate or contain terrorists strictly in conformity with existing terms of the Concept of Operation at strategic, operational or tactical levels. It is, however, important that issues are accurately reported while avoiding misleading or unnecessary sensationalism from any quarter”.

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