Tuesday, 16 June 2015

RMAFC Denies HUGE NASS Monthly Allowance, Says Figures Were Mischievous Publicised - Head PR

The controversy raging about the purported 9 billion naira clothing allowance said to be collected by the 8th assembly has been termed as a mischichievous attemp by a section of the media. This was made known by Ibrahim Muhammed the head of Public relations of RMAFC. 
According to him, there are regular and irregular allowances just like there are loans which the members of NASS must pay back before the expiration of their tenures and these loans are optional. According to him, only allowances that have a place in Nigerian laws are collected by NASS members and now juggling all the numbers allowable and dividing them by twelve to arrive at monthly figures when some are once throughout the tenures of the members is mischievous. For more you can visit rmafc.gov.ng or call the numbers on the website.

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