Friday, 19 June 2015

It's World Sickle Cell Day, Join to Help Create Awareness for this Family Affair!

Today, just like the 19th of June every year is World Sickle Cell Day. Help create awareness for this family affair!
Created by the United Nations by resolution.  People will celebrate it on different days and in different ways, because the next time June 19th will be on a Saturday is in 2021!
In the United States, Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month is in September, however, it's not recognized in every state, and is not recognized globally!  It is created by State representatives voting to recognize it in their individual state.
The Sickle Cell Disease International Organisation (SCDIO), the support of the Republic of Congo and the Republic of Senegal, and the commitment in the scientific world, the African Union (in 2005), the UNESCO (2005), WHO (2006), and the United Nations (2008) recognized sickle cell disease as a public health priority. The 19 of June, has been chosen to celebrate every year the World Sickle Cell Day in order to raise awareness of the disease in the world.
Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is the most frequent genetic disease worldwide. It is present on four continents: in sub-Saharan Africa and in the Maghrib, in Asia (Middle-East, Arabic peninsula, India), in the Americas, on the North (USA), centre (Guatemala, Caribbean islands), and on the South (Brazil,Surinam, Guiana), in Southern Europe (Southern Italy and Sicily, Greece, Turkey). It is estimated that 500.000 are born every year with this severe and invalidating condition and that 50% of them will die before the age of 5 years. Trans-continental, SCD is also trans-ethnic and affects black populations from African origin and Arabic, Indian and Caucasian populations from Southern Europe.

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