Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Nigerian Senate probing Attorney General's Probe of Senate President and Deputy!

    Sen. Umaru: Thank you very much for honouring our invitation. All we do here is in the interest of Nigeria's democracy.
  1. Sen. Lidani: "When you are alleging that someone forged a document, shouldn't you invite the person for questioning?"
  2. Sen. : "This session is an entire waste of our time... I am not bothered about the matter in court."
  3. This Senate has authenticated it's Standing Rules. - Sen. Utazi
  4. AGF states that Criminal Case was filed on Forgery Case to curb abuse of institutional governing documents.
  5. AGF states that based on non-adherence to the Constitution in amending the Standing Rules, his office filed the case.
  6. AGF states that a Standing Rule that has not been deliberated and voted on by the Senate, cannot be the Standing Rule.
  7. AGF cites that when there was a need to amend the Senate Rules on 18 May, 2011, there was a process of deliberation.
  8. AGF cites Section 60/62 which gives the power to regulate it's own procedure.
  9. AGF Malami refers the committee to certain antecedents to guide their line of questioning on public interest.


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