Monday, 4 July 2016

Face of Man Who Uses Face of Police BOSS to Scam People Online!

A 29-year-old man Peter Ajani of Yemetu Ataadorin, in Egbeda local council of Oyo State has been arrested by the State Investigation and Intelligence Bureau (SIIB) of the Lagos State Police Command for serially scamming people on facebook using the name of former Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, a Superintendent of Police. He started using her name in 2013, when Braide was the command’s image-maker, where about seven fake Facebook accounts were opened in her name and used to defraud innocent citizens. He has different accounts in Braide's name!

Luck ran out on him when he was arrested after he defrauding a teacher (name withheld) with the Benue State government of the sum of N80,000. The teacher was said to have made contact with one of the dubious accounts and was told to bring money to influence his appointment in the ongoing police recruitment exercise.
The victim said he did not doubt the authenticity of the claim because there was a registered number that could be called with Ngozi Braide’s identity.
According to him, he had used Truecaller, a mobile application that reveals the identity of a caller) to check out the number and it showed that it purportedly belonged to Braide.
However, when an account number was sent, it bore a Yoruba woman’s name. But again, he said that didn’t arouse his suspicion as he thought it was used as a front. It was only until they demanded for extra N60,000 that he relented and reported the incident as a likely fraud case.
Using the number he was given, the SIIB was able to track the suspect to Ibadan, where he was arrested. In his confession, Ajani, who lives at No. 52 Maku, Ebenezeri Iyana Church, Ibadan, said he was formerly working at C. Gate Hotel Ibadan before he was sacked.
While pleading for mercy, he claimed that he was only able to make money from two people, although there were still other potential victims. However, police sources, who spoke on anonymity, told newsmen that the suspect had defrauded several people using either the police recruitment and fake auction of cars.
They have been able to track down another victim from Akwa Ibom, who paid N350,000 for an auctioned car but later discovered he was defrauded.

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