Monday, 25 July 2016

Fans Attack JayZ's New Signing, Tiwa Savage for Showing Rumoured Illuminati Diamond/Pyramid Sign!

Tiwa Savage has joined the Illuminati was the noise that thrailed RocNation's new signing, Mavins' own Tiwa savage after she showed off the Pyramid/Diamond sign during her performance in the US. The sign has been rumoured to be associated with the illuminati which is believed to be a cult Jay Z and wife belongs to.
Fans went agog online and some didn't hesitate to give her a bit of their vernom! Some ven went on to tweet, "Omg illuminati? I’m disappointed in u. Now i believe all ur husband said abt u. If u can join illuminati u can do anything. Never knew u r dz fame and money hungry. I will NEVER hv a celebrity idol again. U should be ashamed of yourself auntie tiwa. I’m done with u.bye enjoy ur hell."

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