Friday, 1 July 2016

Sierra-Leone High Commissioner (Deputy) to Nigeria, Nelson Williams Kidnapped in Nigeria!

Kidnappers have struck again! This time these hoodlums kidnapped Sierra Leone Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria Rtd. Major General Nelson Williams. They have threatened twice today of the consequences of not meeting their demands. Sierra Leone's Embassy sources in Nigeria said: "He left the Sierra Leone mission in Abuja and went to attend a military graduation ceremony in Kaduna. At 4am this morning, the embassy accountant received a strange phone call. It was the kidnappers. They placed Nelson-Williams on the line and after he identified himself to the accountant, the Kidnappers came back on the line and informed he was in their custody and they had kidnapped him and wanted a ransom demand of around 44 million Naira (about $150,000)."


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