Friday, 10 October 2014

What America's First lady, Michelle Obama Said About Her Underwear!

If you are wandering what kind of underwear the United states' first lady wears, you need not do that any longer, this Wednesday she proudly declared her favourite underwear when she openly said we all wear Spanx with pride. In her words she said, "We all wear them with pride."
Spanx is a popular brand of undergarments used by women to slim down. 

And she went on further to add, "...And the most important thing you've got to do is work and work and work and work and work and work. That's it... Just take Sara Blakely, for example... she got this idea, and she took a risk -- she devoted her entire savings, $5,000, to start her own company. She spent two years planning and researching her new business ideas in the nights while she was still selling fax machines. She pitched her idea to factories and mills, asking them to help her make the product a reality, and of course, she was turned down again and again and again. But finally, a manager at a factory liked her idea, and today, 14 years later, Sara's idea, Spanx, is a multibillion-dollar company with products selling in more than 50 countries." All these she said to praise Spanx' founder, Sara Blakely, as a role model at the White House Fashion Education Workshop designed to connect students with people in the fashion industry.

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