Friday, 3 October 2014

Top 10 Things Every Woman Does, But Will Totally Deny!

1. Meet a nice, cute guy and immediately start checking if her name rhymes with his surname (last name).
2. Own plenty bras but wear the one that makes her breasts the most attractive most times.
3. Buy clothes, accessories and more to feel better, but eventually realise she doesn't need them.
4. have over 24 hours to get ready, but do everything the last minute and end up late.
5. Secretly cry when watching amazing proposal videos online and wish it was her.
6. Oh! She's wearing trousers? It's likely she forgot to shave her legs.
7. Pretends she's the hot, amazing host of a great show and even pretend to have won awards.
8. Say the opposite of what she is actually thinking.
9. She says she needs advice for a friend in a situation, when she is actually the one.
10. Deny all the list above, but know within her that they are all true.

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