Friday, 10 October 2014

How Charcoal Whitens Your Teeth, Clears Mouth Odour, Serves as Poison Remedy and More...

"Activated charcoal" processed with either zinc chloride or calcium chloride has been proven to cure the following ailments: bad breath; whitens teeth; eye and ears infections; fever; poison ingestion; poison ivy; cancer pain; rash; cuts and burns; liver disorder; sprained joints; spider/snake bites; sore throats; cuts and burns, snake/spider bites, etc.

So, you see why Yoruba multi-medicinal product, "Epa Ijebu" is very popular in the Southwest of Nigeria.

According to natural Health Corner inc. Charcoal can be administered as stated below:

Internally: For adults, take between 1-3 heaping tablespoons of charcoal powder in a large glass of water (mixed well) until symptoms are alleviated. Drink one more glass of water after each glass. If using tablets, take a minimum of 6-10 as there is generally less charcoal in tablet form. Drink water with tablets to avoid constipation. (Ground up flax seed can also be added to avoid constipation. Repeat this process every 6 hours until relief. In addition, be drinking 2.5 litres or 8 glasses of water throughout the day). Children under 12 should take half an adult dosage. Activated charcoal should not be taken regularly for more than 6 weeks at a time. Please consult a physician if symptoms persist.
Externally: To make a poultice, mix 3 tablespoons of ground flax seeds or cornstarch with 3 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder in 3/4 cups of hot water. Stir until blended and cool to room temperature. Place mixture generously on a strip of gauze large enough to cover the area and tape the sides so that the mixture does not leak. Leave on 3-6 hours or overnight.
Other Uses: Activated charcoal helps to eliminate bad breath by cleansing the mouth and digestive tract, relieves symptoms of nervous diarrhea, traveler's diarrhea (Turista), spastic colon, indigestion, and peptic ulcers. For these discomforts, between 1 and 1 1/2 tablespoons of powdered charcoal stirred in a glass of water up to 3 times a day is normally effective. It is most effective when taken between meals, as food may reduce its effectiveness.
Charcoal may adsorb and inactivate other medications. Usually you can take charcoal two hours before or after other drugs. Check with your physician before beginning treatment with charcoal if you are taking prescription drugs. You may take charcoal intermittently for long periods or regularly for up to 12 weeks. However, it should not be taken regularly for extended periods of over 12 weeks. Do not give charcoal to an unconscious person.
Activated charcoal may be used as an antidote in poisoning from most drugs and chemicals. However, DO NOT USE WITH THE FOLLOWING: Cyanide, mineral acids, caustic alkalines, alcohol, or boric acid. Other antidotes are more effective. Charcoal is not effective in every poisoning situation so consult a Poison Control Center or a physician immediately for instructions in any poisoning emergency.
NOTE: USP grade Activated Charcoals is for internal use. Regular Activated Charcoal is for external use only and is not intended for internal use.

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