Thursday, 18 August 2016

True Story Behind Sisters, Leenah and Heeba's Identical A-Level Grades!

Sisters, Leenah and Hiba Abuelgasim got the same A-level results in identical subjects despite sitting for their exams this year and last year.
Leenah got five top grades including three A*s to get into Oxford University. Hiba got A*s in biology, chemistry and maths, and two As in Greek and general studies.
Leena opened her results in front of her 19-year-old sibling, the pair were stunned. “We both got As in general studies and Greek, and A*s in biology, chemistry and maths.
“We couldn’t believe it.” In Heeba's words, “She got the same results for the same subjects and we’re going to study the same thing at university... we’ve always been like that, We hang out all the time, we get on really well, apart from the occasional friends... I’m sure Sigmund Freud would be able to say there was probably something in all that.”
Hiba, who is currently studying Medicine at Brasenose College Oxford while Leenah is also planning on a career in medicine and begins her studies at University College, Oxford, later this year.

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