Monday, 22 August 2016

Minister Attacked Online After Photo Shows Him Being Carried by Men in Ankle-Deep Water from Fllod that Killed 40!

Senior Indian minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, chief minister of central Madhya Pradesh state has been attacked online after he was seen being carried by men in Ankle-deep water while inspecting the devastation caused by flooding in eastern India, which has killed 40 people and displaced thousands. 

Hiren Antani wrote online:
“Shivraj adheres to great Indian political tradition (of being cosseted).”
Another wrote:
“Shivraj training Indian athletes for 400m relay in 2020 Olympics”.
A separate ommetator then wrote:
“[It is like] when you need to do an aerial survey, but are short of funds (and end up being carried instead)” said a third observer. 
Congress Party leader Arun Yadav commeted:
“When people are dying from flooding, Chouhan was concerned about his shoes,” said
But Chouhan's spokesman S.K. Mishra said: it would have been dangerous for him to wade through the water.
“Nobody knew if the water level would rise suddenly or if the ground below was slippery.”

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