Friday, 11 September 2015

What PSQUARE's Brother, JUDE Said that Made Soundcity tv Stop Airing Group's Music!

Jude Engees PSQUARE's older brother seems to know how to generate controversies than his musician brothers. He was rumoured to have tried to be a clug in the wheel of Peter PSQUARE's marriage to Lola, he was engrossed in the posting of a gun onlie and others, but this time after Peter took to social media to accuse Soundcity of not playing their music, the station released a press report stating that Jude categorically told the station, “WHAT HAS SOUNDCITY EVER DONE FOR PSQUARE? TELL ME ONE THING SOUNDCITY HAS EVER DONE FOR PSQUARE”. The station claimed they've been airing the duo's songs for over ten years (this we all know), but stopped when Jude made the above statement, while also saying that they have a right over what to air and not to air. Jude has already dropped another bomb, saying, "They play our songs and we don't ask for royalties." 
What do you think?

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