Monday, 28 September 2015

Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World Today!

1. The Rock
$70 Million USD
The People's Champion is a part-time professional wrestler and a Hollywood star.

2. Steve Austin (Stone Cold) 3. John Cena 4. BIG Show 5. Triple H 6. Kurt Angle 7. Chris Jericho 8. Shawn Michaels 9. Undertaker 10. Mick Foley (Mankind).

2. Steve Austin
$45 Million USD
This professional wrestler like, the Rock has also featured ain many movies.

3. John Cena
$35 Million USD
This professional wrestler who has featured in many movies and shows is known for hustle, loyalty and respect.

4. BIG Show
$30 Million USD
Born Paul Donald Wight, he stands at over 7 feet and has also featured in movies. He has held four different WWE titles.

5. Triple H
$25 Million USD
Born Hunter Hearst Helmsley he is also known as the king of kings. he is married to WWE's executive vice President Stephanie McMahon he has alos featured in movies besides his professional wrestling career. He is presently a member of the authority.

6. Kurt Angle
$20 Million USD
Known as the current number one shoot wrestler of the world. Angle won gold at the 1996 olympics in freestyle wrestling. He is currently signed to TNA wrestling.

7. Chris Jericho
$18 Million USD
Besides his wrestling career, jericho is also a musician, song writer, author, business man and media personality.

8. Shawn Michaels
$17 Million USD
He retired after losing to Undertaker at wrestlemania. He is known as Mr Wrestlemania.

9. Undertaker
$16 Million USD
The Phenom. Kane's brother has also featured in movies and has appeared on shows. Lost only once at wretlemania to Brock Lesnar.

10. Micke Foley (Mankind)
$15 Million USD
Most of his money come from appearances. He is also a author. The Newyork times named him a best author. He has had fearful matches with the likes of Edge, undertaker, Kane and many others. He is an actor and also a comedian. He has appeared on many radio shows and movies.

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