Thursday, 18 December 2014

Top 10 Lies About Sex

1. You Can Test for Virginity Medically: This is a BIG lie, more than half the women in history have lost their virginity without bleeding. A broken hymen doesnot mean she has lost her virginity, because hymen become worn down due to adolescence or rigorous exercises.

2. Size is Everything: This is more of a societal subterfuge expected of the male gender rather than reality. Though some might prefer different sizes, but it makes little or no difference. 

3. The First Time is Going to Hurt for Women: Another BIG lie. Pains during first sexual intercourse actually comes from increased muscle tension due to nervousness + blood usually comes from vaginal tissue tearing due to lack of lubrication or better still inexperience and not the hymen breaking!

4. PORN is a Great Way to Learn About Sex: No way! Just like most movies, it's make believe and not real. So, as a man don't expect she'll cum, because you did it like it was done on the screen. 

5. Sex Should Last for Hours: The lengthy sex sessions you watch in PORNography are make believe and not realistic, else people'll get hurt. On average a sex session should not last longer than the DOROBUCCI track.

6. Women Don't Think About Sex as Much as Men: Says who? It's just the society's overhyped mindset about the male sexuality. Where girls are taught not to think about sex, but more of a boyish thing. Another lie.

7. You Can't Have Sex on Your Period: Don't mind them. Fine if it disgusts you, do what suits you, but some women have claimed a shorter menstrual cramp period after indulging in sex during.

8. Women Hate PORN: No, they don't. It's just that most porn movies out there have the male audience in mind. Make female friendly porns and see.

9. Everybody has Done it: Lies, lies lies! Even in America the average age people have sex is seventeen. Many people that have interest in sex or some don't start early. I know some females who never had sex until they left High school, some even had their first experience after leaving the university.

10. Boys Should Buy the Condom: With the forgetful nature of the male gender, waiting or expecting him to buy the condom is a risk you won't want to take. Buy them if you are the female.


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