Monday, 27 June 2016

Jealous Thug, Babatunde Ismail Jailed in the UK 16-Years for Stabbing Girlfriend 11 Times!

Babatunde Ismail has been jailed for 16 years after he repeatedly stabbed her 11 times. After stabbing Luiz Sadel with a kitchen knife 11 times, he then got her to make a 999 call claiming she had inflicted the wounds herself.
However, the Polish-born victim later revealed the truth of what had happened to her to medical staff.
Ismail, 33, had denied attempted murder but was found guilty following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court. Malcolm Morse, prosecuting, said Miss Sedel came to the UK in the summer of 2014 and had not been in the country very long before she began a relationship with Ismail... Their relationship had initially been good and Miss Sedel became pregnant, although she lost the baby.
However, her feelings for the defendant changed and she made it plain to him that she was considering they should separate,
His reaction was to threaten to kill himself in order to put emotional pressure on her.
Mr Morse said Miss Sedel worked at a shop in Stephenson Street and on one occasion had had sex with one of her colleagues which she later admitted to Ismail, who claimed he had forgiven her.
He said on the evening of December 29 last year she had come home from work at around 11pm and had discussed the possibility of her moving out.
Ismail had initially seemed quite calm but then his mood changed and he accused her of being in love with her colleague, said Mr Morse

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