Friday, 20 November 2015

Face of Paris Attack Ringleader's Niece Who Blew Herself Up... Brother Says, She's Never Opened a KORAN!

Eight terrorists were arrested as French police laid siege on a terrorist hide-out in Saint Denis, France, resulting in the death of the ringleader of last weekend's Paris attack, 28-year-old Belgian, Abdelhamid Abaaou, but his niece, 26-year-old Hasna Aitboulahcen (French/Morrocan) she blew herself into bits via her suicide belt than get killed or arrested. making her Europe's first female suicide bomber.
Audio of the siege revealed that amid heavy gunfire, an officer is heard yelling to her: "Where is your boyfriend?"
She yells back: "He's not my boyfriend!"
The officer yells again: "Where is he?"
She again responds:  "He's not my boyfriend!"
Before the raid her mother described her daughter's radicalisation as "brainwashing". Her brother said "She was unstable, created her own bubble. She wasn't looking to study religion, I have never even seen her open a Koran."
Siege was possible after a tip-off from Moroccan intelligence had helped track Abaaoud to the apartment building where he died.

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