Wednesday, 28 October 2015

At Death He was Indebted to $600 Million USD, but Today Michael Jackson is Highest Earning Dead Celeb' at $1 Billion USD!

After earning a whopping $1.1 Billion USD in 30 yeas, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was indebted to the tune of $600 million USD due to reckless spending, but this year alone, Michael Jackson in death earned an astonishing $115 Million USD! This brings to $1 Billion USD his earning since he died in 2009! So, today top a list of the highest earning dead celebrities, complied by financial magazine Forbes. Elvis Presley is in a distant 2nd place at $55 million USD in 2015. All these is pssible because his family took on his financial burden and traded on his reputation and back-catalogue to claw themselves out of debt and back

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