Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Snoop Dogg Smoked Weed at the White House... Can Anyone Smoke Weed at Aso Rock While General Buhari is President?

Wait! Snoop said he smoked weed in the White House? Okay, just imagine Nigeria's aso Rock with General Buhari as Presidet can anyone risk smoking weed in the premises? Snoop Dogg came on as a guest on Andy Cohen's Andy's Truth-Telling Tea Time ready to spill, saying the biggest event he'd ever attended high was a visit to the White House. In Snoop's words, "It was an awesome experience. It's one for the ages and I can't wait for [President Obama] to, you know, come out of the office so we can talk about what really, really, really went down... That's what I was trying to get to, you know what I'm saying?"
Snoop went on the say he met The Butler and that he "slid him a little somethin' somethin'." Presumably, he meant Eugene Allen, who served as the White House's head butler until 1986 and inspired the movie The Butler.

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