Friday, 8 May 2015

Killing Drug Offenders is Right... My Son Getting Arrested for Drug Related Offences Can't Change that! - Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan's son Jaycee might be in prison since 2014 for drug trafficking, but the 61-year-old told students at a Singapore anti-drug press conference on Thursday, May 7, that he is in support of the death penalty for those charged with drug-related offenses. In his words, he said, "[Young people say] 'it's okay, it's just like a cigarette, I say, 'It's not okay, not in my family.' h added that he is "very angry" and "shocked" by his son's acts and says, "I'm concentrating on him now..." He also added that It used to be just, 'You are a grown man.' But now I've found out that he's still a boy."

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