Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top 10 SEX Confessions of Americans. Yes, it's as BAD as you think!

The LIST of the Top 10 Confessions of Americans is Out. Check out the list below:

1. INCEST - 27% have had sex with a parent or family member.
2. SEXUAL EXPERIENCE: 16% shared the ir sexual experiences.
3. GENITALIA: Obsessed with genitalia, female or male. size et al.
4. BESTIALITY: 12% have had sex with animals. Especially dogs.
5. INCEST: 11% have had sexual relationship with sisters, brothers, cousins.
6. MARRIAGE TROUBLES: 7% say they are having troubles with their marriages.
7. INFIDELITY: 4% say they are cheating on their spouses.
8. MASTURBATION: 3% say they masturbate excessively and have masturbated in inappropriate places.
9. GAY: 2% say they are in homosexual relationships.
10. TEACHER: Confess to have had sex with their teachers.

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