Friday, 6 March 2015

Boko Haram Insurgents Kill Men Studying Koran Right Before their Wives in Nigeria!

According to a female resident who fled Gwoza, a town in northeastern Nigeria, on Tuesday Boko haram insurgents rounded up elderly men who were studying the Koran outside the home of a local cleric and shot them all to death in front of their wives.
In her words, "The Boko Haram men brought out brand new guns from cartons, tested them and shot dead all the men who they forced to lie face down." A statement coroborated by Senator Ali ndume representing the senatorial zone. In his words, "Boko Haram insurgents have in recent days been converging in Gwoza where they killed many male residents and chased women and children out of the town." Ndume speculated that the Islamists were preparing to defend the symbolically important town before an expected military advance, possibly by Chadian troops who are operating in the area with Nigeria's permission.

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