Wednesday, 14 January 2015

His Father and 2 Others Under 30 were Executed By Gen. Buhari for Drug Peddling 30-Years Ago... Today, He Says, I Will VOTE for BUHARI!

Ismail Lawal is the son of one of the three cocaine pushers/peddlers (Lawan Akanni Ojulope(38), a car dealer;  Barthlomew Owoh(26),  a United  States- based  student,  and  Bernard Ogedengbe(29), a  business man) Gen. Buhari's govt extra-judicially executed in 1984 even while the crime did not carry the death sentence then, but Ismail has said that, despite this, he will still vote for General Buhari in the February 14, 2015 general elections. In his words, " father was one the three young men executed by General M Buhari (rtd), the presidential candidate of the APC with a retroactive law some 30years ago. Yet, I HOPE."
His resons? READ Below.

"The forthcoming February Presidential election is different from all other elections we have seen since the advent of democracy in 1999. The Presidential election has never been aggressively contested, but that has changed in this cycle, thanks in large part to the leaders that formed the APC and a more aware electorate. The electioneering process has not changed much, with the top two political parties relying solely on politicians. The caliber of politician that makes up the Presidential campaign council, for me, is often an indication of how the candidate governs once (s) he becomes President. Mediocre politicians are given the nod to occupy and lead sensitive political and public institutions ahead of their colleagues who understand and know what it takes to govern and deliver social goods to the larger populace.
This traditional way of campaigning and electioneering is partly responsible for the failure we have witnessed in the last 12yrs (with focus on the presidency) but it seems this is about to change.
For the first time in our 16years of democracy, the caliber of politicians I see around the APC candidate, General Mohammad Buhari, gives me hope that something might actually change if he wins.."

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  1. What a beautiful jacket on a President Buhari! However, many Nigerians had pinned and pin all their hopes on this man, however, the media often appear different conflicting reports about his embezzlement of the state budget, for example their treatment in foreign clinics, for example Buhari spent only N20.5m on ear infection in UK – Presidency – however, there is speculation that he spent as much as millions dollars just this once. What do you think, is it true?