Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Meet dozens of #combat ready "Super Tucano A-29 aircrafts" #Donaldtrump is selling to #Nigeria for $600 million USD to combat #Bokoharam.

American President Donald Trump is planning to sell up to a dozen aircrafts (The Super Tucano A-29 aircraft) worth $600 million USD to Nigeria's air force for the fight against the extremist group Boko Haram.
The aircraft made by Brazils' Embraer and a second production line in Florida privately held Sierra Nevada Corp of Sparks, Nevada is an agile, propeller-driven plane with reconnaissance and surveillance as well as attack capabilities.
According to a congressional aide,
Former President Barack Obama's administration originally agreed on the sale, but delayed it after incidents including the Nigerian Air Force's bombing of a refugee camp in January that killed 90 to 170 civilians.

"We've been told that the administration is going to go forward with that transaction." A position also confirmed by a senior Nigerian military source in Abuja, Nigeria's capital, confirmed that the sale would go ahead and said it would also involve training, surveillance and military intelligence "to support ... the ongoing insurgency war."

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