Monday, 26 September 2016

Newyork Based Therapist, B. Efuniyi(LMSW/BCBA) Leads Team of Educators in Lagos for "Understanding Autism Using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to Enhance Teaching"

To improve the quality of education and care given to autistic children in Nigeria, Babatunde Efuniyi LMSW/BCBA in collaboration with Centre for Montessori Education (CME) under the able supervision of 81 year-old experienced educator, Chief Mrs. Bolajoko Aderonke Efuniyi. Chief Efuniyi has positively shaped the lives of millions of Nigerian students with over 40years in educational service by raising thousands of teachers, school owners in the Montessori Method, this earned her the alias, 'Grandma' by her protégés. Chief Mrs Bolajoko in 1976, pioneered the use of the Montessori Method Education in Nigeria and went on to found the Centre for Montessori Education (CME), a fully integrated Montessori training Centre in Nigeria. Over 30years down line, the Centre has produced thousands of Montessorians and invariably trained millions of pupils.

 Recently, under Grandma Efuniyi's leadership, the duly registered Association of Montessori Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPN) was found with most of the Centre graduates as pioneer members.

She is also the Proprietress of the flourishing Ebenezer Montessori School, a nursery and primary school in Lagos State which has been directly administering the Montessori Method for over 15years ago. The school now has a secondary school arm known as Especial Montessori High School. Result of pupils' performances in the schools are nothing but outstanding.

I like people to succeed, she said enthusiastically in an interview. And that includes the young and the old. After her secondary school education at C.M.S  Girls' School, Benin City (1947-1951) and Remo Secondary School, Sagamu (1952-1955) and teacher training course in G.T.T.C; Surulere, Lagos.

She went on to specialize in Montessori Education in Sussex University and St. Nicholas Montessori College in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Realizing the effectiveness of the system on both pupils and teachers, she introduced it in Nigeria and started a training program that eventually led to setting up CME.

As astute educationist, she has successfully adapted and standardized the Montessori Method in Nigeria, just as Dr. Maria Montessori said it should be done in different cultures. This tireless educator, extremely active at 81 still goes all over the nation organizing workshops. She has published over a dozen of textbooks, hundreds of articles, produced thousands of cds for teachers and pupils on the Montessori Method.

Babatunde Efuniyi, LMSW, BCBA, NYS-LBA

Babatunde Efuniyi completed his Masters Program at Hunter College New York and obtained a Masters in Social Work (MSW) in 2007. He then obtained his license to practice in NewYork State as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).

As a Social Worker he has a wealth of experience working with different age population. He has worked as a Social Worker in Preventive Services, Foster Care and Congregate Care. He has also worked with older adults with dual diagnosis of Mental Health and Substance Abuse providing both individual therapy and group sessions.
During his practice as a Fee for Service therapist his interest in Autism grew and thereafter started providing direct services to children diagnosed with Autism. The primary age group of the children was 1½ years to 3 years under the New York State Early Intervention Program.
He obtained his Board certification (BCBA) in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and supervised therapists both in the Early Intervention Program and in the Private Insurance Program which caters for children and adults. He has been involved in providing assessments for children diagnosed with ASD and putting in place goals and objectives to be achieved.
He also provides supervision for candidates who are completing their course work towards obtaining their RBT, BCABA and BCBA
Babatunde Efuniyi is currently the CEO of Step By Step Behavioral and Therapeutic LMSW Services New York.He continues to work with various agencies in New York cityto provide quality service to both the clients and parents.


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