Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Adele Becomes First Woman (Since Britney Spears) to Hit 2 Diamond Albums!

Adele has yet broken another record! What this time? The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), shows that as of 20 September 2016 Adele's 3rd record "25" has sold 10 million units since it came out (10x platinum) and nine million of this sale are reportedly in pure sales. Earlier she went diamond with her sophomore album "21", in 2011, but it took two years to make the same achievement: 25 has done it in less than half the time. 21 has now been certified 14x platinum, her debut 19 is 3x platinum, and her single ‘Hello’ is now 7x platinum.
This feat makes her the first woman this decade to have two diamond albums in the US (after Britney Spears with 1999’s Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again in 2000).


  1. Adele is so popular now, I think that everybody knows she and her music. "Hello" is one of the most popular her song, this song is platinum now. She made two diamond albums.
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