Saturday, 8 November 2014

Boko Haram Takes Control of Another Nigerian Town, Kill Dozens, Wound Many as Over 300 Soldiers Flee to Niger Republic!

After fierce fighting on Wednesday between Nigerian forces and Boko haram AFP reported that the town of malam Fatori is now in control of the insurgents. This did not happen until thousands of civilians fled Nigeria to Niger and dozens got killed in the fightings. According to Niger's Anfani radio 30 people were wounded. 13 soldiers who fled to Diffa region of Niger were treated for injuries as 315 reportedly sort refuge in Niger. They've all been repatrated. All these is coming as the federal government of Nigeri has released close to 200 boko haram suspects. The insurgents have already renamed two Nigerian towns they captured, Mubi (City of Islam) and Gwoza (House of Wisdom).

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