Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Recession Hits David Oyedepo Ministry? Schools Owe Publishers for Months... Is Winners Going Broke?

Kingdom Heritage Model Schools owned by Bishop David Oyedepo's ministry (Living Faith Tabernacle) is finding it hard to pay for books supplied to their schools across Nigeria. These books which have been supplied as far back as April still remain to be paid for. Publishers who were promised payment by the end of September are still waiting for money that do not appear will show up very soon. All our correspondence to Bishop Oyedepo's faith terbanacle and other sister agencies for clarification still remain unresponded to. Silence they say, means consent. 
Some of these publishers collected short-term loans to execute these projects. While some are complaining about paying back the banks, others are finding it hard to pay their workers.
At this junction, is this a pointer to the fact that the recession that hit Nigeria has finally found its way to Bishop Oyedepo's ministry? Is the church going broke? Is he heading in the direction of the ZOE ministry of not too precious memory? All these and many more will be answered as events unfold... We'll keep you posted.

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