Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pres. Obama Gives Pres. Buhari List of Oil Thieves in Nigeria...Buhari Shocked! What will He Do with the List?

The list of those who steal oil from Nigeria has been provided by the U.S. government to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. These thieves have been stealing and illegally stockpiling Nigeria’s oil.
A Presidential source who claimed anonymity said, “I can tell you that the president already has the list of names of the people engaging in the stealing of Nigeria’s oil. The list, when released by the president, will shock Nigerians... the president will probe all of them and make sure they return whatever fortune they made from their thievery.” Buhari asked Obama to help locate and return $150 billion believed to have been stolen by corrupt government officials. In his words, he said, “The amount involved is mind-boggling... A lot of damage has been done to the integrity of Nigeria with individuals and institutions already compromised."
Our question is, what will ”the People's General do with this List?"
In related news three of Nigeria's four refineries that have been in comatose for over ten years are all back working at a capacity of at least 60%.

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