Thursday, 19 February 2015

Signs and Facts that Shekau and Boko Haram Insurgents are Losing the Battle!

The latest video where Shekau said his band of criminals a.k.a. Boko haram will disrupt elections in Nigeria might have been released with the intention of creating fear, but what the video has shown is Shekau's fast losing his battle against Nigeria and other nations. 
1. The video was shot without the usual Jamaat'ul Islam logo which he has used in previous videos. The new one looks like that of ISIS - which appears like he's solicity or looking for sympathy from ISIS/L.
2. The video was shot indoors not like previuos ones which he had the effontery to shoot outside. Is he now in hiding.
3. Shekau was drowsy in the video, which could have been from a lack of sleep. Not like his usual ones where he's always wide awake and active.
4.  Heavy bombardments of Sambisa forest and other territories formerly under the control of the insurgents. 

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